Decorative Large Danbury Dovecote Bird House

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Decorative Large Danbury Dovecote Bird House
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Decorative Large Danbury Dovecote Bird House
This classic dovecote is a traditional and eye catching feature to any garden. Dovecotes have historically been a symbol of wealth and status as only those of the noble classes were permitted to own them. Today, the ownership of dovecotes is no longer regulated but they still carry with them a sense of traditionalism and luxury.

With its shingled roof topped with a decorative finial, this striking bird house is a charming addition to any British garden.


  • Height: 76.2cm (2ft 6in)
  • Width: 48.2cm (1ft 6in)
  • Depth: 42cm (1ft 4in)
  • Please Note: This bird house is designed for small birds and is not suitable for doves and pigeons.

What else do the birds in my garden need?

Here at Primrose we have a great range of bird feeds and feeders to suit every type of bird. By providing a reliable source of food, water and shelter you can encourage birds to visit and revisit your garden for years to come.


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