Defender® Gutter Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack

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Defender® Gutter Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack
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Defender® Gutter Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack
Defender® Gutter Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack

Bird spikes are an effective and humane solution for keeping birds away from the desired area, as it simply discourages landing. The plastic spikes are easy to install and will have an instant effect without causing any harm to the bird. This method can prevent issues such as the build-up of unsightly droppings, potential noisy bird calls and can stop areas being used for nesting. The Defender range has a variety of products to protect all areas of your home.

The Defender® Gutter Bird Spikes 3 Metre Pack contains everything needed to stop birds landing or perching in your gutters. Perching birds can soon fill a gutter with droppings and nesting material which can cause overflow and eventual water damage to your property. The spikes are a humane way of ensuring they do not settle. The design of the spikes also means they can be fitted wih no interruption to water flow.

Installation is made simple with an included installation guide and simple, built in gutter clips that securely attach to the outside edge without interrupting the water flow.

  • Easy installation - comes with a 285ml tube of Defender® Fixing Silicone, special clips and cable ties, as well as instructions for a quick and easy setup
  • Precise fitting - snappable sections along the base mean the strips can be broken into workable sections to fit a designated area
  • No interruption - the spikes can be installed without causing any obstruction to the water flow
  • Quality guaranteed - the product comes with 15 Year Defender® Warranty Certificate
  • UV protected - the spikes are made from a UV stabilized polycarbonate
  • Discreet appearance - the spikes are virtually unnoticeable once installed and will not interfere with any signal
  • Informative material - includes a 40-page guide to deterring pigeons and other birds
  • Height: 39.5cm (15.5in)
  • Width: 22cm (8.6in)
  • Depth: 19.5cm (7.6in)
  • Contains 9 strips measuring: 33.3cm (13in)
  • Strips combined length: 3m (9ft 8in)
  • Installs using integrated clips
  • Suitable for all standard half round and square guttering
  • Made from UV stabilised polycarbonate


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