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The Different Types of Rattan Weave

There are three main types of rattan weave – flat, half and full – and each of those can be single, double, or even triple woven. But what's the difference between each one, and what does it all mean?

What is PE rattan?

PE rattan is a synthetic rattan – instead of being made from a spiky tree grown in the tropics (read here for all things natural rattan), it’s made from polyethylene, a lightweight plastic. The benefits to this are it lasts longer and, aside from some natural expanding and contracting, will stay looking as good as it did when it arrived for years, even when left outside.

There are also types of PE rattan that look just like the real thing, which means you can have a natural look without having to worry about the rot problem that plagues natural rattan (to the point it’s not often available in the UK due to the damp climate).

Flat weave rattan

Flat weave rattan is the most affordable and widely available rattan, which you can find in the Classic range of Primrose Living furniture.

This weave uses flat, malleable strips of rattan for furniture that looks great and suits every garden style. The main difference you'll notice is that it feels flatter, a little less textile compared to half-round weave.

Half-round rattan

Half-round rattan is a middle ground between the most expensive full round and the most affordable flat weave, which you will find in the Luxury range of Primrose Living.

The rattan strips in this furniture have a curved side facing out, which adds texture and dimension without adding much weight. This furniture is ideal for those who want to stand out a little from the crowd, being less common in the rattan garden furniture market.

Full round rattan

Full round rattan is rarely seen in rattan furniture, as the additional weight can lead to prohibitive costs. More often you'll see it in decorative edging, again in Luxury Primrose Living furniture.

The rattan in full round furniture is less a strip and more a thick, strong straw or tube, and is the most expensive kind of rattan furniture.