Digitalis purpurea 'Alba' | 2L Pot

Code: PL925715
Digitalis purpurea 'Alba' | 2L Pot

A stunning Foxglove variety bearing racemens of luminous white flowers...

With slender, upright stalks that support an abundance of luminous white blooms with unique speckled throats, the presence of this enchanting Digitalis within your garden will form a mystical, woodland-like atmosphere. Each flower is of a trumpet-shape, forming a striking silhouette that is adorned by the muted green shade of their foliage. With a preference for moist, fertile soil, this Digitalis will form a lovely display when planted in drifts along a more shaded border. Not only beautiful, this Digitalis proudly carries the Royal Horticultural Society's 'Perfect for Pollinators' logo, assuring you that your garden will attract plenty of life! Please note, Foxgloves are highly toxic.

Variety Information

Supplied As 2L pot
Flowering Period Summer
Eventual Height and Spread (Up to) 1.2m, 0.6m
Special Care Take care if handling; this plant is toxic
Preferred Location Full sun or part shade
Soil Type Moist, fertile soil is best but not essential


Fresh from a UK Nursery Our perennials and alpines are dispatched directly from expert growers, based within Southern England. There is no sitting around in garden centers or fulfillment centres, so you rest assured that your plant will arrive fresh, healthy and in perfect condition.
A Wonderfully Tall Stature
Racemens of Pure White Flowers
A Long-Lasting Display
Great for the Back of a Border
Flowers Illuminate in the Sun

Planting Tip

Plant towards the back of a border for towers of elegant colour...

About your Plant

Our herbaceous plants are lovingly grown by our trusted nursery, based in England. Each flourishing plant will be dispatched directly to your home.

Please note, your potted plant may not display flowers as soon as it arrives. However, the 'flowering period' box (detailed above), indicates when you can expect flowers to form. Many of our herbaceous perennials also die back in winter, so will have little growth in spring, but grow quickly once sunlight hours improve.


Sustainability is one of our priorities, and as such, our perennials and alpines are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. Aside from being recyclable, they will keep them nice and secure on their journey.

Please see our below guidance on your perennial or alpine's care:

Watering: During your perennial or alpine's first growing season, you should provide them with frequent waterings. Try to also avoid wetting the foliage to reduce the risk of disease.

Deadheading: To promote a long flowering period, you should deadhead any flowers that appear spent. Simply rescind each flower at their base, taking care to not cut other parts of the plant.

Dividing: To really flourish, your perennials can be divided every three to four years. They can be divided when they begin to show less flowers, or appear less healthy in the middle. Make sure to only do so when they aren't currently flowering.

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