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Disposable Heated Toe Warmers (Pair) - by Warmawear™

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These innovative toe-warmers are the ideal way to keep your toes and feet warm on the go. Perfect for popping into a boot, sock or slipper these toe warmers are a useful, portable source of heat for gardening, shopping, sports events and almost any outdoor activity. With an adhesive surface on one side, these toe warmers can be securely attached to your socks or shoes to prevent them from slipping around, providing you with constant heat for up to six hours.

These toe warmers are also great for using alongside our dual fuel range of heated socks and slippers to help preserve battery life and provide extra heat.

  • Easy to use - simply open the packaging
  • No batteries required - eco-friendly and free to run disposable packs
  • Long heating time - an approximate heat time of up to 6 hours will keep your toes toasty even during long trips
  • High heat temperature - reaching up to 50°C, these nifty toe warmers are perfect for pairing with slippers, socks and boots to keep your feet nice and warm
  • Perfect for using with other clothing - simply stick to the lining of jackets and coats alike
  • Height 9.5cm (3½in) x Width 7cm (2¾in)
  • One pair of disposable adhesive toe warmers

These single-use disposable toe warmers are great for camping, hiking, fishing and any number of other outdoor hobbies. Thanks to their adhesive backing and compact size, these warmers can also be used almost anywhere on the body where you're feeling particularly chilly. Their adhesive back means you can even stick these warmers on the inside of clothing, such as our range of gilets, and normal clothing.

Please note: These heat pads can reach up to 50°C so should not be applied directly to skin.

Simple to Use

  • Open it - remove the pack from the plastic wrapper to expose it to the air
  • Stick it - peel back the protective paper and stick the warmer wherever you need it
  • Use it - enjoy up to 6 hours of heat


  • Easy to use - simply open the packaging
  • No batteries required - eco-friendly and free to run disposable packs
  • Long heating time - an approximate heat time of up to 6 hours will keep your toes toasty even during long trips
  • High heat temperature - reaching up to 50°C, these nifty toe warmers are perfect for pairing with slippers, socks and boots to keep your feet nice and warm
  • Perfect for using with other clothing - simply stick to the lining of jackets and coats alike