Dovecote, Cream - 87.5cm

Code: FU66120
Dovecote, Cream - 87.5cm

The dovecote has been a common feature of the British garden for hundreds of years, and now you can own one too. This simple and sturdy piece is not just decorative and can be used to house Doves or Pigeons in your garden.

To keep birds in this dovecote it is best placed in a quiet and sheltered spot with a clear flightpath for the birds. For best results: this piece is best places on a pole 9cm (3.5in) thick and 4m (157in) long (not included)

  • Simple design.
  • Functional, not just decorative
  • Neutral colours
  • Functional, not just decorative
  • Width: 50cm (19.6in)
  • Depth: 44cm (17.3in)
  • Height:87.5cm (34.4in)

What else do the birds in my garden need?

Here at Primrose we have a great range of bird feeds and feeders to suit every type of bird. By providing a reliable source of food, water and shelter you can encourage birds to visit and revisit your garden for years to come.


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