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Drumstick primula Primula denticulata - 3x 9cm Pots

Code: PL0690
Drumstick primula Primula denticulata - 3x 9cm Pots
Drumstick primula Primula denticulata - 3x 9cm Pots

The drumstick primula is a delightful little lollipop of amethyst blooms, with green leaves and a sturdy erect stem. This perennial plant features dense bunches of purple flowers and is best planted in poorly drained soil, making it perfect for decorating the edge of your garden pond.


  • Foliage Colour: green
  • Flower Colour: purple
  • Max. spread: up to 50cm
  • Flowering Time: spring and summer
  • Uses: pond borders, bed borders
  • Exposure: sheltered or exposed
  • Habit: columnar upright
  • Hardiness: hardy
  • Rate of Growth: moderate


  • Light Requirements: full sun/part shade
  • Moisture Requirements: poorly drained, moist but well drained


Grow in poorly drained, loamy soil, with access to partial shade and also enough sunshine to allow growth.

Caring and Maintenance:

Cut back after flowering.

A perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. Perennials are flowering plants which grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then die back every autumn and winter. They typically grow structures that allow them to adapt to living from one year to the next through a form of vegetative reproduction rather than seeding. Perennial plants often have deep, extensive root systems which can hold soil to prevent erosion, capture dissolved nitrogen before it can contaminate ground and surface water, and outcompete weeds. They grow very well in conditions that are poor in resources due to their earlier emergence in the spring, and the development of larger root systems which can access water and soil nutrients deeper in the soil.

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