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Defy the cold with Dual Fuel. Heated clothing pioneers Warmawear™ are bringing a new high heat, low cost innovation to the market. Dual Fuel products combine expert design and practical experience to preserve battery life and increase the level of warmth generated over traditional heated clothing.

Dual Fuel takes battery powered heated clothing and clever heating elements, and adds versatile heat packs, giving you more options and features.

Our disposable heat packs are slim hand warmers which activate in seconds when they react with the air to generate heat for cold hands. Maximise the warmth levels already generated by your high power Warmawear™ gloves by filling the utility pocket with the power of an approx.50°C heat pack. The pockets are designed to be close to the hand and seal the heat inside, ensuring up to 6 hours of generated heat is delivered to you directly.

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The Dual Fuel System

  1. Combine both heating methods for a burst of warmth! Turn on the battery powered heating and activate the pack for maximum warmth. This method is perfect for those especially cold days to take the icy edge off your hands for hours. The brilliant Warmawear™ glove range will provide you with the consistent and high levels of heat using battery power alone; use the heat pack for an optional boost.
  2. Conserve battery life for extended use: Without the battery heating activated, simply utilize the heat pack utility pouch on your Dual Fuel heated clothing. This will give you up to 6 hours of heat working out to only 8.25p per hour, perfect for situations where you may need the battery heating later on in the day. Using the heat pad alone is also ideal for snow sports, where the sleek portable heat pack can be activated in seconds and it's flexible soft body won't hinder movement.
  3. Emergency heat: if you're using the battery heating and the power runs out, normal gloves would leave you without heat. The pioneering Dual Fuel range, however, will always ensure you've got a backup source of heat always on-hand. The slim heat packs really pack a punch, a toasty 50°C combined with the high quality insulation and thick material Warmawear™ gloves are famous for makes this an ideal combination.

The market-leading Dual Fuel range has taken inspiration from the automotive industry, where combining two different fuels has led us to higher efficiency and cheaper running costs. The Dual Fuel range has combined the pre-existing battery powered heating system with portable disposable heat packs for similar benefits when keeping you warm and comfortable.

Warmawear™ are renowned for their cutting edge thermal clothing designs, perfectly created for enviroments ranging from the icy British winter to extreme snow sports in the Alps. Designed in the UK, Warmawear™ continues to bring ground breaking ideas to life with high quality products, the dynamic Dual Fuel power system being no exception.

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