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Dwarf Raspberry 'Yummy' | 3L Pot

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A patio-friendly raspberry plant bearing sweet vibrant fruits

Little but productive, Raspberry 'Yummy' will make a much relished addition to your patio space! Fruiting in its first year, this cultivar will gift you with delicious, bright red berries from mid summer. Offering a delightfully sweet flavour, these fruits can be enjoyed straight after picking, but will also work well in jams, fruit salads and smoothies, to name a few examples. Very easy to grow, and needing only a simple pruning regime, this raspberry plant is a must have for the novice gardener who wants to get into kitchen gardening. It is almost entirely thornless too - so you won't have to worry about hurting yourself when harvesting the lovely fruits.

Variety Information

  • Harvesting Period:  Summer (begins in first year)
  • Habit:  Compact/dwarfing
  • Position:  Full sun is best
  • Uses:  Eating fresh, jam making, container growing, and cooking.
  • Supplied As:  3 litre pot
  • Height on Arrival:  20cm (8") - 40cm (16")
  • Planting Distance:  60cm (24") (But is especially good for pots)
  • Eventual Height & Spread Eventual size depends on both environmental and genetic conditions:  (Up to) 45cm (18") x 45cm (18")

Your plant will be carefully assessed by our fruit nursery experts prior to being dispatched. This will ensure that they are up to size and arrive in good condition.


Larger orders are packed into specially made, extra thick cardboard boxes. These feature innovative inserts that hold your plants in place to prevent any damage in transit. Small orders for bare root plants are carefully wrapped and delivered in padded mail bags. These will be sent via the large letter postal service (where no larger items are present that can cause damage).

Blackberry and raspberry bushes are wonderful for the beginner grower. Below we address some common query topics:

  • Hardiness: Native to the UK, your blackberry or raspberry plant is well accustomed to the milder climate.
  • Position: Planting in full sun is always recommended, however they still tolerate light shade.
  • Soil: Soil types can be an unwelcome confusion as many plants will adapt to their conditions. Nonetheless, less than ideal conditions will certainly limit your plant’s growth. Waterlogged soils will starve your plant of oxygen, which plays a key role in photosynthesis; causing its roots to rot and creating an optimal environment for disease.

It is important to regularly water newly-planted bushes, at least bimonthly for two months. You should also ensure adequate spacing (40 - 60cm) between each bush. With bare root plants, you should soak their roots in water for up to 2 hours before planting, while with potted plants, you should drench their rootball.

  • If you are planting a bare root plant, dig a hole so their first roots are no more than 2 inches below ground level.
  • If you are planting a containerised plant, make sure that the pot sits no lower than an inch below the ground. Please see below for our planting guidance.
  • Fill the planting hole with a mix of compost and garden soil, and add fertiliser and mycorrhizal fungi. Take care to not compress the soil. Once you are happy with your efforts, provide your plant with a good watering.
  • Add mulch on top (whether bark and wood chippings, compost, manure, leaf-mould, and stones). Try to keep the mulch from touching the stem.
More Information
Common Name Raspberry
Harvest Month June, July, August
Is Collection/Mix? No
Needs Ericaceous Compost? No
Type Raspberry
Supplied As 2L-3L Pot
Type Soft Fruit Plants
Shop By Category Soft Fruit Plants