Eden Bourton 1012 Mill Toughened Long Pane Greenhouse - 273cm x 317cm

Code: GH1909SL2
Eden Bourton 1012 Mill Toughened Long Pane Greenhouse - 273cm x 317cm
273cm x 317cm Bourton 1012 Mill LP Toughened

The huge Eden Bourton is a serious horticulturist’s dream. The large volume of air ensures the perfect growing environment and leaves enough space for a potting bench or table and chairs to enjoy the atmosphere of the greenhouse.

Featuring a strong, integral base which speeds up the construction process, the Bourton also boasts the no jam, patent pending, Eden Zero Threshold™ door system, making the greenhouse perfect for wheelchair users and for wheelbarrows and trolleys alike.

Available with long pane toughened glass or twin wall polycarbonate, the Bourton also comes in aluminium, green or black finishes.


  • Length: 379.6cm/ 12'6"
  • Width: 317.8cm/ 10'5"
  • Eaves: 160cm / 5'3"
  • Ridge 273cm/ 9'0"
  • Door: Double
  • Roof Vents: 4

  • Durable aluminium frame
  • Large gutters
  • Long pane toughened glass walls
  • Superior door locking, with patent-pending anti-jam design
  • Downpipes

Zero Threshold
The innovative Zero Threshold design means that this greenhouse features a sliding double door with no threshold. This easy access system is ideal for wheelchair users but also makes loading and unloading wheelbarrows easier. This low maintenance door makes it easy to sweep your greenhouse while preventing the risk of tripping, making it great to use in gardens with children.

Wide Gutter System
The integrated extra-wide guttering increases the volume of rainwater you can capture, making filling your water butt easier than ever. This also makes it easier to remove leaves that gather on the greenhouse roof and in the guttering. This clever system has been designed to use standard 40mm plumbing parts to make it easy to connect to other pipes and water butts.

Glazing Clip System
These glazing clips help to improve rainwater run off so more of it ends up in the gutter. They also help to reduce leaks in your greenhouse while minimising the amount of internal dripping caused by condensation.

Classic Appearance
This greenhouse has been designed to maintain a classical appearance with high eaves. These high eaves allow for an increased air volume, creating a better growing environment while giving you and your plants far more room. This also comes with aesthetic benefits as your greenhouse appears cleaner and more modern with no ugly sliding door brackets.

Strong Ridge Bar
The strong ridge bar is very durable, increasing the overall strength of the whole building. On the inside of your greenhouse, the ridge bar provides a T-Slot which is perfect for shading, hanging baskets and other greenhouse accessories. It is also possible to use the ridge bar to add decorative cresting to your greenhouse.

Superior Door Locking
This greenhouse features a lockable door to keep your tools and accessories safe. This also helps to prevent any animals from accessing the treats inside. The door locks with a simple push button action and comes with a key for easy unlocking.

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