Electric Heater Bulbs Guide

There's a wide selection of electric heaters out there these days, all made to bring a little light and warmth into your life. Here at Primrose we have produced a guide to highlight all the key differences between the heating elements, in order to help give you a better understanding of each model.

All Electric heaters are powered by a bulb. The difference lies as to what bulb each model uses. Each type of bulb gives off either 'short wave', 'medium wave' or 'long wave' radiation. The short wave heaters will warm you up instantly as the infra-red light penetrates to the skin as heat energy, while longer wave heaters warm the air around you.
Below is the classification of the bulb types highlighting their main features and benefits.

Quartz Halogen Bulbs

Quartz Bulbs - Medium to Long Wave

  • These are the most common and used in the majority of our heaters
  • Low cost
  • Takes a few minutes for the bulb to heat up

Clear Halogen Bulbs

Clear Halogen Bulbs - Short wave

  • Low in cost
  • Energy efficient
  • Directional and instant heat
  • Heats both people and immediate area

Ruby Halogen Bulbs

Ruby Red Halogen Bulbs - Short wave

  • Low UV light emissions, which will reduce the glare to make a more natural light
  • More efficient than the quartz and clear halogen bulbs
  • Provides direct heat to the skin

Gold Halogen Bulbs

Gold Bulbs - Short wave

  • These are the newest, superior and most technologically advanced bulbs
  • Most efficient bulb currently available
  • Low UV light emissions, which will reduce the glare to make a more natural light
  • Low glare as a result of more efficient conversion of electricity to heat energy
  • Bulb heats up instantly
  • Unique gold coated tube

Both the Ruby and Gold bulbs will help to filter out white light and will provide a more aesthetically pleasing warm glow. This also means that less electricity is wasted on creating visible light and is converted into heat radiation instead, something that's preferable whilst keeping warm.

If you need any further advice please speak to one of our customer service team.

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