Eradi Bait Rat and Mouse Killer

Code: SP0077
Eradi Bait Rat and Mouse Killer

This is possibly the safest mouse/rat killers you can buy today.

It is ready to use straight out of the tub and poses no chemical / poision risk for use around children, pets, and food; in fact just about anywhere.

Optional Extras:
  • These pellets are made from refined plant material which targets the digestive systems of the rodents in which the caecum (sack between large and small intestine) plays an active role: after ingestion, dehydration commences causing blood thickening & circulatory collapse.

    Being a natural product, EradiBait is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. Effective control is achieved with only a very small amount (this tub should be enough to kill around 40 rodents)

    EradiBait does not contain anticoagulants and is effective even among rodent populations resistant to conventional rodenticides making it ideal for use in:
    • Homes & gardens
    • Public spaces INCLUDING SCHOOLS
    • Restaurants - Food processing & preparation areas
    • Livestock yards (pig & poultry farms, barns & feed stores)
    • Stables
    • Kennels and Catteries

    An innovative idea recommended by The Barn Owl Trust, and is approved under the Control Of Pesticides Regulations (1986). You should expect rodent activity to decline within 4 to 7 days of regular feed intake - sightings reduce as rodents generally die in their nests. Faecal droppings become bleached in colour & larger in size. Change in colour and size of the faecal pellets is an indicator of product acceptance and consumption and can be up to 3 times larger than pellets from non-treated rodents.

    The how and the why of EradiBait :

    Why EradiBait works :

    The specific mode of action of EradiBait and the inherent safety to non-rodents is based on a range of factors unique to rodents :
    • Rodents are opportunistic feeders and can consume up to 10% of their body weight per day.
    • Rodents cannot vomit or regurgitate.
    • Rodents have a unique digestive system in which the caecum (sack between large and small intestine) plays an active role.

    How EradiBait works :

    • EradiBait pellets are consumed as a food source as part of a rodent's natural eating habit.
    • After ingestion dehydration commences causing blood thickening & circulatory collapse.
    • Rodents become lethargic and retreat to their burrow where they lapse into a coma and die.

    Pack Size: 500g

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