Eraza Slug & Snail Killer

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Eraza Slug & Snail Killer
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ERAZA® slug and snail killer utilises the very latest technology to ensure that precious plants are protected from these pests. Due to specialist manufacturing techniques, the metaldehyde in this innovative pellet is FIVE times more effective¹. This technology ensures that each pellet contains many more, smaller particles of metaldehyde, making it easier for slugs and snails to consume than traditional pellets. This not only makes it FIVE times more effective¹, but ensures efficacy with less active ingredient; 1.5% metaldehyde vs. 3% of standard pellets. ERAZA® is the first true low active pellet that delivers fantastic results.

¹ It takes 205 micrograms of metaldehyde to kill an average sized slug with standard pellets compared to a much lower 37 micrograms of TR3799 metaldehyde in the new ERAZA pellets.

Uses: Use on bare soil and around edible and non-edible plants (protected and outdoors). When applying the product near food crops care should be taken to avoid pellets becoming trapped or resting in leaves.

Application Rates: Best results are obtained when applied on a warm damp evening when slugs and snails are likely to appear.

Eraza® pellets remain showerproof under normal weather conditions, eventually breaking down naturally in the soil. However for best results it is advisable NOT to apply just before rain is expected.


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