Escallonia Hedging

Highly adaptable, escallonia hedging has a wide range of applications and can be trained as a climber, used as a windbreak or grown in a pot or rockery. Originating from Chile, escallonias thrive in full sun and can tolerate the worst planting locations. Although formally evergreen, escallonias can lose their crisp glossy foliage in worst winters, but with otherwise provide a fantastic background for their quaint flowers lasting from June to October.

Primrose offers 3 cultivars, one of each of the three main colours: pink, red and white. Recipient of the RHS Award of Garden Merit and the Perfect For Pollinators badge, ‘Apple Blossom’ is our pink cultivar with chalice-shaped raceme flowers. Very similar is the hardy ‘Rubra Macrantha’ with bell shaped red flowers, which it will produce in an abundance. Lastly, there is ‘Iveyi’ that is also lauded by the RHS, notable for producing white panicle flowers.

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