Euonymus Bush 'Elagantus aureus' 15L Pot

Code: TR87565
Euonymus Bush 'Elagantus aureus' 15L Pot
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Euonymus Bush 'Elagantus aureus' 15L Pot
Euonymus Half Standard 'Elagantus aureus' 15l Pot

‘Octavus Aureus’ is a fantastic evergreen shrub with variegated foliage of rich green and golden yellow. It’s dense growing habit combines with its oval, glossy leaves makes it a perfect shrub for ornamental hedging. Popular as it can withstand the harshest of conditions including exposure and all well-drained soils. It can also cope in partial shade but to achieve the brightest and most beautiful variegated leaves it is best to be planted in full sun.


Evergreen tree: retains green leaves throughout the year
Overall height: 60-80cm
Pot size: 15L
Position: Perfect for a patio or planted in a lawn


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