Eureka! Retro Bulb Decorative Garden Lights by Smart Solar

Code: LG1550
Eureka! Retro Bulb Decorative Garden Lights by Smart Solar
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Eureka! Retro Bulb Decorative Garden Lights by Smart Solar
This solar powered hanging light bulb provides unique garden décor during the day and an enchanting light spectacle by night. Powered by stored sunlight meaning that you never have to worry about expensive batteries, connecting to mains power or having wires running across your garden.

  • Utilises solar power - The light bulb harnesses energy from the sun which makes them both environmentally friendly and free to run. The use of solar power means that there is little installation required, simply clip onto a tree during a sunny day and they will begin charging immediately.
  • Built in light sensor - This light bulb automatically illuminate at dusk, meaning that no maintenance is required as they simply run off the stored solar power, automatically turning off during the day to begin charging again.
  • Easy Installation - Light bulb come complete with a crocodile clip attached and so can simply be clipped onto trees, fences or bushes, making them extremely versatile and easy to move around.
  • 4 White LEDs in each bulb - This traditional shaped glass light bulb are filled with white LEDs, creating a lovely garden ambience with it's solar light.

  • Height: 17cm
  • Width: 10cm
  • Depth: 10cm
  • This solar powered decorative garden light bulb stays lit for approximately six hours every night when fully charged, meaning that you can enjoy the mesmerising view of these lights glowing in your garden until you go to bed. They will be sure to make an impact with guests and would be ideal for a garden party, whilst also being perfect for providing a faint, calming light on a quiet and peaceful summer evening.

    The light bulb looks stunning even during the day, adding a touch of exquisite class to any garden.


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