Evika™ 6x8 G1 Greenhouse in Squirrel Grey

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Evika™ 6x8 G1 Greenhouse in Squirrel Grey
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Evika™ 6x8 G1 Greenhouse in Squirrel Grey
G1 is a flagship greenhouse delivered by Evika, aims to be a modern take on the classic greenhouse. Whether you're a beginner or a pro the G1 has everything you need to kick start your growing journey.Clean fuss-free design, sleek construction and high quality materials collide to bring you a greenhouse that will look great in any setting.This is a great choice for a first greenhouse as well for the experienced gardener, offering premium quality at an amazing price.

  • 100% UV Protection - glazed with a robust 3mm thick styrene-acrylonitrile (or SAN for short) glazing panel.
  • 4 Blade Louvre - fitted to the centre of the rear gable and offers excellent airflow
  • Galvanised steel base - increased stability and a cleaner finish
  • Rustproof Aluminium frame - doesn't require paint or treatment
  • High Capacity 32mm Gutters - built-in gutters with connectors on both ends
  • Convenient Sliding door - allows additional ventilation when you need it
  • Automated Roof vent- makes air circulation and pollination easier
  • Easy DIY assembly - minimal number of parts, no specialist required to build
  • Maintenance-free - long-lasting materials and non-breakable panels
  • Height: 2.36m (7ft 9in)
  • Width: 1.98m (6ft 6in)
  • Depth: 2.7cm (8ft 10in)
  • Door Opening: 57.6m
  • Door Height: 1.56m
  • 10 year Warranty
  • Fast 5 to 10 Days Delivery
  • Manufactured in the UK

Auto Vent Arm as Standard

Ventilation is an important part growing undercover, that's why our G1 greenhouses in both medium 4ft & and large 8ft models come with an opening window including a temperature-controlled auto vent as standard.

Super Clear 3mm UV Safety Glazing

SAN is an Ultra-violet stable, transparent plastic material that is commonly used in applications where excellent clarity and resistance are required, such as shed windows, machine guarding, partitions, shop fitting etc.

4 Blade Louvre Included

All G1's come with a four-blade louvre as standard. This is fitted to the centre of the rear gable and offers excellent airflow. The blades are cut from super-tough 8mm acrylic for extra-long life. The four blades move smoothly together and allow fine control of the airflow into the greenhouse.

Lockable Sliding Door

Sliding door features a lockable handle as standard, provided with two keys. This is especially important if there are little gardeners about to keep toddlers and tools away from one another. The door opening size is 564mm on the standard G1 model.

Low Threeshold Easy Acess Door

ultra-low threshold door offers step-free access to your greenhouse. You'll be super thankful for this nifty little extra when you're lumping in a great big bag of soil, or you're juggling with pots and sharp tools..

Push Fit Beading System

Distinctive full-length snap-fit beading means that glazing panels are retained to the frame along the full length of each panel. This increases overall structural strength and means your panels stay snugly fitted to the frame.


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