Fence & Wall Spikes

Browse our latest range of fence and wall spikes to find an effective repellent for pests. Protecting your garden with fencing spikes is easy and affordable with our selection, available in a choice of colours and styles.

Choose from brown, black, metallic, terracotta and more fence post spikes, allowing you to find a design which blends in with your garden's look. Our wall spikes are compliant with the law and are a great deterrent for cats, birds and thieves. Check out the rest of our pest control products for more choice.

Product Image
Brown Fence & Wall Spike

brown wall spike
Grey Fence & Wall Spike

grey wall spike
Black Fence & Wall Spike

black wall spike
Clear Fence & Wall Spike

clear wall spike
Green Fence & Wall Spike

green wall spike
Terracotta Fence & Wall Spike

terracotta wall spike
White Fence & Wall Spike

white wall spike
Metallic Fence & Wall Spike

metallic wall spike
Product Image
Brown Featherboard Fence Spike

brown fence spike
Grey Featherboard Fence Spike
grey fence spike
Black Featherboard Fence Spike
black fence spike
Clear Featherboard Fence Spike
clear fence spike
Green Featherboard Fence Spike
green fence spike
Terracotta Featherboard Fence Spike
terracotta fence spike
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Displaying products from 1 to 22 of 22 View All