Fibre Clay Troughs in Natural Slate Finish - Mixed Set of 3 - L50cm/L60cm/L70cm

Code: PP2628SET
Fibre Clay Troughs in Natural Slate Finish - Mixed Set of 3 - L50cm/L60cm/L70cm

These stylish fibreclay planters are perfect for those who want the look of real stone in their garden without the extra weight. With a realistic slate finish, these planters are great for making a statement in your garden while being extra durable and weather resistant. The cool natural tones of these planters are great for contrasting with bright border flowers or for creating an earthy base for large green leaves and shrubs.

  • Lightweight - Far lighter than genuine stone, these planters are easy to place anywhere in your garden
  • Durable construction - Made from innovative fibre clay for extra durability
  • Realistic finish - These planters look and feel just like real stone without the weight
  • Weather resistant - Fibreclay is frost resistant so is great for withstanding the British weather
  • Small:
    Width 23cm (9in) x Length 50cm (19in) x Height 23cm (9in)
  • Medium:
    Width 28cm (11in) x Length 60cm (23in) x Height 28cm (11in)
  • Large:
    Width 34cm (13in) x Length 70cm (27in) x Height 34cm (13in)

These fibreclay planters are great for keeping outside all year round due to their added frost resistance which means that they can stave off the effects of cold English weather for longer. Fibreclay is also porous, meaning that it allows the circulation of air and water, allowing the roots of your plants to breathe. These practical yet stylish planters are a great choice for any gardener who needs to add a touch of style to their lawn or patio.


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