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La Hacienda

La Hacienda Firepits

Chimineas are a fantastic free-standing outdoor fireplace to keep you warm on a summer or winter's night. An incredibly stylish and unique addition to your garden, La Hacienda offers a wide and diverse range of chimineas in cast iron, contemporary steel, Mexican, and clay.

Find the perfect design for your garden with Primrose and sit back and enjoy the warm glow of a real fire. 

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La Hacienda Firepits FAQs

  • How do you use a La Hacienda chiminea?

    La Hacienda shares helpful tips to light the perfect fire. To make a fire, you'll need to:

    1. Add 5cm of sand in the base of your chiminea.
    2. Tear strips of newspaper and bunch together in the base.
    3. Add some small then large kindling. 
    4. Place large logs on top.
    5. Light the newspaper with matches.
  • What are the best chimineas made of?

    If longevity is your priority over other factors you’d likely consider such as style and appearance, then cast iron would be the best option. Each material of chiminea has its own quirks and maintenance needed to keep them in their best condition.

    Cast iron chimineas are robust and long-standing with low levels of maintenance. They don't need to be stored away in colder weather however are heavier than other alternatives so you probably wouldn't want to move them around. Clay chimineas are a classic style and extremely popular. They cannot be used if they are damp and should be stored away in winter. Stainless steel chimineas are cheap and lightweight. They aren't as long-lasting as cast iron or clay and need storing away in cold weather.

  • What are the best chimineas made of?

    In terms of safety, a chiminea is better as flames are controlled to go upwards rather than an open fire that fire pits offer. They also keep smoke away from everyone sitting around enjoying the warmth and creates an upward draft of smoke – so no sore eyes or coughs!

    Chimineas also need less attention than a fire pit as they were originally designed to bake bread so can retain heat and burn for a longer period of time. This requires less fuss and poking around to keep the flames active.

    When looking at style and design, there are more options available in different colours, so you can tailor your outside area to be more unique.

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