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10 Flowers With Hidden Meanings That Might Surprise You

‘Rose bouquet’ is the most-Googled bunch of flowers with 79,200 searches per year, although it seems not everyone wants the traditional choice.

We found 457,920 annual searches for alternative bouquets, such as ‘daffodil bouquet’ and ‘hyacinth bouquet’, suggesting that many of us don’t want the classic bunch of red roses.

But did you know the most popular substitutes aren’t all that they seem? We reveal the hidden meanings of your favourite flowers – perhaps you’ll change your mind about gifting them to a loved one!

1. Yellow roses will put you in the friend zone

Yellow rose bouquet: 10,500 Google searches per year

With more than 10,000 searches per year for ‘yellow rose bouquet’, it’s one of the more popular bunches of flowers. But giving these bright blooms as a gift isn’t a good idea on Valentine’s Day or if you’re trying to impress your partner.

Yellow roses represent friendship, so they’re usually only given to friends and relatives. If you’re trying to be romantic, avoid giving yellow roses as it might suggest you want to stay in the friend zone.

It’s also said that yellow roses symbolise infidelity, so they’re definitely not the right flower for your partner!

2. White tulips mean you've done something wrong

White tulip bouquet: 2,040 Google searches per year

If you have something to say sorry for, a bunch of white tulips will do the trick. These flowers represent an apology and are sometimes given during funerals for those who want to send their condolences.

If you’re trying to create happy memories and show your appreciation for a loved one, avoid giving them a white tulip bouquet. It might look like you’re trying to apologise for something you’ve done wrong!

3. Daffodils mean you secretly think someone is selfish

Daffodil bouquet: 15,600 Google searches per year

There’s nothing better than a bunch of daffodils to get you in the mood for spring – but be careful before you give a bouquet to anyone else.

In Ancient Greece, daffodils were referred to as Narcissus – these flowers were reportedly named after a person who died after falling into a river because he was so in love with his reflection (though we think this might be a myth). That’s why the bright-yellow blooms are linked to selfishness – not the message you want to give to a loved one.

4. Buttercups suggest you've been unfaithful

Buttercup bouquet: 360 Google searches per year

Buttercups don’t come often in bouquets and there’s a clear reason why. These dainty yellow flowers can represent unfaithfulness, so giving a bunch of buttercups could suggest that you’ve cheated on your partner.

Fortunately, not many people are looking for buttercup bouquets, compared to more traditional flowers. But if you were thinking about it, you might feel differently now!

5. Hyacinths mean you have serious regrets or are jealous

Hyacinth bouquet: 19,200 Google searches per year

Hyacinths make a beautiful bouquet with their distinctly-shaped flowers and eye-catching colours, but beware – hyacinths have several hidden meanings that you might not have heard about.

The classic purple hyacinths are said to symbolise serious regret and are supposed to be given when you’re deeply sorry about something. Yellow hyacinths are another flower to avoid giving as a gift, as they can mean you’re jealous of the other person – not something we usually feel about a loved one!

6. Hydrangeas suggest you think someone is vain and big-headed

Hydrangea bouquet: 19,200 Google searches per year

Normally seen growing outside in the garden, hydrangeas also make a stunning bunch of flowers with their big, pastel-coloured petals. However, you might rethink your bouquet choices when you know what hydrangeas represent.

In the Victorian era, many people considered hydrangeas to represent vanity, because the plant grew lots of large flowers but produced few seeds. The message has carried on today, as some believe that receiving a bouquet of hydrangeas means the person secretly thinks they’re big-headed.

7. Chrysanthemums represent death in several countries

Chrysanthemum bouquet: 5,760 Google searches per year

A beautiful bunch of chrysanthemums might seem like a great gift for your parents or in-laws, but they represent something a lot more sinister than you might think.

In several countries, including France, Italy, Belgium and Japan, chrysanthemums symbolise death and are only given during periods of mourning. Unless you want to give a gift that’s associated with funerals, avoid chrysanthemums for your loved ones.

8. Gypsophila flowers are linked to the devil

Gypsophila bouquet: 22,800 Google searches per year

Commonly seen in wedding bouquets, gypsophila (also known as Baby’s Breath) is a pretty addition to any bunch of flowers or makes a dainty bouquet on its own.

While gypsophila is often associated with everlasting love, you might want to take note of the flower’s other meaning. In Christianity, gypsophila flowers are thought to mean self-discipline, reminding people to avoid temptation from the devil. Giving a bouquet of gypsophila could suggest you’re trying to tell a loved one that they’re too impulsive!

9. Lilies represent rebirth and are strongly associated with funerals

Lily bouquet: 28,800 Google searches per year

As one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers, gifting a lily bouquet might seem like a great idea.

However, the lily flower represents rebirth, which is why they’re often seen at funerals. These delicate blooms are said to symbolise a person’s soul being reborn into the afterlife, which might not be the message you want to send to your loved one.

10. Petunias show that you’re extremely angry

Petunia bouquet: 240 Google searches per year

Most of the time, petunias are planted in hanging baskets or in our flower beds. However, for those who do want to gift a bunch of petunias might want to think twice.

Petunias are thought to symbolise anger and resentment, even though they’re very beautiful to look at. A bunch of petunias should only be given to someone if they’ve made you very mad.

What’s more, Harry Potter fans will remember the name of his aunt, Petunia Dursley – it’s probably not a coincidence that she’s named after this angry flower!

If you’re looking for a modern twist on a traditional gift, why not give your loved one a rose bush instead? Rose bushes last longer than a bunch of flowers and look just as beautiful when they’re in bloom.

Or you can check out our complete collection of plants online and find a wonderful present – or a treat for yourself!