Frank P Matthews™ Tree Planting Kit - Tree Stake, Tie, Rootgrow & Rabbit Guard

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Frank P Matthews™ Tree Planting Kit - Tree Stake, Tie, Rootgrow & Rabbit Guard
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Frank P Matthews™ Tree Planting Kit - Tree Stake, Tie, Rootgrow & Rabbit Guard
Tree Planting Kit

We have put together a kit containing the essentials to get your new tree off to the best possible start.
Delivered with your tree so you can get planting straight away with no trip to the garden center needed.

We've included a tree stake and super soft tie to ensure your tree has the support it needs whilst establishing its roots.

Rootgrow™ is provided for initial planting encouraging enhanced root establishment to ensure your tree gets off to a flying start.

Please Note: If you order this product along with a plant or tree that is available at a later date, this product will be delivered at the same time.

The Kit Contains:

  • One Tree Stake and Tie Kit - 1.5m
  • 60g Rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi
  • 1 Spiral Rabbit Guard

One Tree Stake and Tie Kit - 1.5m

This kit will give your young tree all the support it needs whilst it's roots are establishing themselves in new ground. Protect your tree from damage caused by wind to new, brittle roots so it can grow a strong, healthy root base. These specially made, figure of 8 super soft trees ties will gently support your tree and unlike cheaper versions or cable ties, will not cut into the tree as it grows or sways in the wind. These tree ties are the perfect height for our bare root trees and will provide just the right amount of support whilst allowing slight swaying which has been shown to produce a stronger root base.

60g Rootgrow™ Mycorrizal Fungi

Rootgrow has become a planting essential for professional and amature gardeners alike who want to ensure that their plants get off to the best start possible. Sprinkle a little when planting to ensure fantastic root growth and all the benefits that come with it. In nature plants rely on a vast array of soil microbes to produce and exchange all of the nutrients required for healthy growth. The most remarkable of these are the mycorrhizal fungi. Benefits Superior water and nutrient uptake with enhanced natural vigour, more abundant flowers and heavier cropping Plants. Need less synthetic fertiliser and will survive better in dry conditions. Added resilience in overcoming replant problems and disease.

Application of Rootgrow™ Mycorrizal Fungi
Follow these simple steps to planting success with Rootgrow™

  • 1. Dig planting hole as normal.
  • 2. Look at the base of the plant that is being planted and sprinkle into the bottom ofthe hole enough granules to cover only that area. Do not mix in.
  • 3. Place the plant in the hole directly on top of the granules. It is important that the granules come into direct contact with the plant roots.
  • 4. Backfill as normal with compost/soil.
  • 5. If using additional fertiliser add as a top dress or in backfill.
  • 6. Add mulch or top dress as required.

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