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Companion Seat

Companion Seats 

Traditionally two seats linked together by a static table, our companion seats come in two, three and even four-seater styles so you aren't limited to just one companion with Primrose. Perfect for coffee or tea out in the garden, and look out for ranges supplied with cushions. Or grab some separate cushions of your own for extra comfort.

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  • What are companion seats?

    Also known as love seats, companion seats are two stylish seats with a useful table in between that can be used to hold your food, drinks, books – anything you and your friend or loved one are doing while enjoying your outside space. There’s a reason they’re called love seats, and this is because they are the perfect chairs to enjoy another person's company.

  • What materials are best for companion seats?

    We have companion seats made from different materials so you can find the garden chair that suits you best. Wooden garden seats have a natural-looking finish that feels at home in any surrounding.

    If you want a seat that requires minimal maintenance all year, then maybe a metal garden bench is for you. Metal garden seats are strong, durable, and will handle the elements with little effort from you.

    To help keep your companion seat in the best possible condition, we recommend that you make use of our waterproof covers. Shielding your outdoor furniture from the elements will ensure that it looks stunning and new for years to come!

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