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Lying in a hammock on a bright sunny day is the ultimate recipe for a relaxing afternoon, and with lots to choose from you are sure to find the perfect fit. We stock both single and double hammocks, the latter of which you can share with a loved one if you choose!

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    Tortola Nautical Outdoor Garden Single Hammock
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    Tortola Rainbow Outdoor Garden Double Hammock
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    Tortola Sunflower Outdoor Garden Single Hammock
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19 Items

  • What Are The Benefits of Having a Hammock in Your Garden?

    Picture your ultimate outdoor paradise, an idyll of relaxation right on your back doorstep. Chances are, you’re imagining a hammock in there. After all, these gently rocking slings - perhaps draped between a couple of palm trees - are the pinnacle of relaxation. But they aren’t limited to tropical beaches - you can transform your garden with your very own hammock right now!
  • Where Did Hammocks Originally Come From?

    Hammocks were first used for sleeping (hence why they are so easy to drift off in now). They were developed in jungles, by the Mayans weaving bark from the Hamack tree into a suspended bed to protect sleepers from poisonous animals on the ground. Even now, hammocks are favoured by adventurous travellers as a portable bed and way to escape creepy crawlies.
  • How Do You Hang a Hammock From A Tree?

    The classic installation method is to hang your hammock between two trees. The trees need to be sturdy enough to support your weight and (obviously) close enough together. Start by wrapping a rope securely around the trunk or stable branch of each tree, then attach these to the eyes at the end of the hammock with a knot or carabiner. 
    You can also find fixing kits and straps to make this process even easier. Rather than fixing to trees, you can also use poles and supports attached to a solid wall or wooden beam (perfect if you want to install inside). For ultimate ease, pre-built stands are available too.
  • How Do I Choose a Hammock?

    Since the early days of the basic sling, many new varieties have come to the market. As well as the single version, you can opt for a double hammock if you’d like some company - or just a little more room to spread out. 
    A new alternative are Cacoon hammocks, which are like hanging pods you can curl up in, relaxing in privacy and comfort.
  • What Are Hanging Chairs and Swing Seats?

    If you’d rather sit than lie back, look no further than a hammock chair or even a swing seat. A chair is more of an upright sling or pod you climb in. Swing seats are benches fixed to a frame that allows them to gentle rock with your motion. Whichever you choose, they’re perfect for chilling with a good book in the garden!
  • How Do You Clean A Fabric Hammock?

    It’s easier than you may think! Simply, lay out the fabric on a flat surface, use a soft bristle brush with water and fabric detergent to scrub into the material. After cleaning the front side, flip it over and repeat. Once complete, re-hang your hammock and allow it to dry out naturally in the sun.

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