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Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture is an excellent choice for your garden. Sturdy, comfortable and long-lasting with the right maintenance, you’ll be able to enjoy wooden garden furniture for years to come. We have wooden garden furniture to assist with your every need, featuring benches, dining sets, loungers and more here at Primrose.

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Wooden Garden Furniture FAQs

  • What paint to use on wooden garden furniture

    Keeping your garden looking fresh and on-trend is easy with wooden garden furniture. All you need is the right paint. When you’re looking at paint options, make sure that you choose exterior woodcare paint.

    Interior paint will fade and peel away as soon as its exposed to sun, rain, wind and other outdoor conditions. Exterior woodcare paint is made from tougher stuff, and there will be other wood treatments that complement the paint and help keep it fresher for longer.

  • How to revive wooden garden furniture

    If you prefer a natural wood look, restoring your wooden garden furniture couldn’t be easier. Begin by giving the furniture a good brush to free any dirt, apply a restorative wood treatment in large helpings.

    Scrub the treatment into the wood, leave it to work for the recommended time and then hose the furniture down well. The furniture’s natural colour and condition will now be restored and ready to paint, if you choose.

    For more guidance see our post on how to restore wooden garden furniture.

  • How to clean wooden garden furniture

    While the condition of your furniture will likely be maintained with a quick brush or dust down during the summer months, a winter of withstanding difficult weather conditions might leave it in need of some proper care. In addition to treating and painting the wood, sometimes a good clean is all that’s required.
    Start gently by washing your wooden garden furniture with warm soapy water. Strong chemicals can cause damage to the wood, so unless there are stubborn stains, keeping it simple can work wonders.

    Keep away from the pressure washer. Though it’s tempting to blast the dirt away, the aggressive nature of the spray could damage the structure of the wood causing it to weaken and splinter much quicker.

    If you do have any stubborn stains, a gentle sanding is a better choice than the pressure washer. If you do sand, make sure you treat the wood afterwards to restore the condition.

    Discover our full wooden garden furniture range here at Primrose including dining sets, garden benches and more. Or why not browse our wider garden furniture collection for even more options?