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Outdoor TV

Outdoor TV 

We’ve all dreamed of being able to enjoy the garden and the television… now that dream is a reality with our outdoor TVs! Regular indoor sets are not suitable or safe to go outside as it will be too bright to see the screen and the electrics aren’t weatherproof. But these specialist garden televisions are built to withstand everything our British weather can throw at them. They’re waterproof and much brighter than average devices - combined with the anti-reflective screen, this makes them perform perfectly outdoors.

So treat your friends and family to an afternoon of big screen sports or open air movies, right in your garden. With stunning HD quality, smart TV functionality and Freeview channels, this will be your true entertainment hub.

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  • What is an outdoor TV?

    Whether you want to watch the football in the sun, host a movie night under the stars or beam Alan Titchmarsh into your own garden, there’s always a reason to bring the TV outside. But you can’t just take any old telly out into the elements, which is why we’re stocking this range of exceptionally high quality, specifically-designed outdoor televisions.

    Indoor vs Outdoor TVs

    The most important reason you can’t use a regular TV outside is safety. As an electrical device, TVs are only designed to cope with their intended environment. Rain, wind, harsh sunlight and temperature fluctuations will all cause havoc with a standard indoor set. That’s not something you want to expose you family and friends to.

    An outdoor TV, however, is manufactured to endure all these conditions. It’s 100% waterproof and sealed to protect against weather damage. As we know, the weather here in the UK can be variable at best, so these televisions can operate in temperatures between -20°C and +60°C. So come snowstorm or heatwave, you can keep watching and never have to bring the party indoors!

    The other benefit of outside televisions is that they’re optimised for daylight viewing. The HD screens deliver crisp images no matter how strong the sun is due to their super high brightness (which automatically adjusts) and anti-glare coating.

    Creating the perfect outdoor living area

    Once you’ve installed your outdoor television, it’s time to start creating your ultimate viewing area. Transform your patio into an extravagant place for all your guests to enjoy the big screen entertainment. Deck it out with a comfortable furniture set, heating to keep the evening chill at bay and some decorative lighting for ambience.