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Garden Screening

How to install Garden Screening

Garden screening is great for decorating your garden walls or creating portions in your outdoor space. Our wide range of long-lasting, stylish screening is designed to suit any space. It's easy to install with a few simple steps, read more to find out how.

3 ways to install Garden Screening

Garden screening that is made of bamboo, reed, willow, brushwood or bark is all erected in the same way. You will need to attach your screening at regular intervals. This is to keep it looking nice and taught, but it also helps to significantly to reduce the risk of wind damage. The specific method you use is determined by the amount of wind exposure it will have, and what you are attaching it to. Here are the 3 most common ways to install garden screening.

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Top Tips

  • Attach screening at a consistent spacing to keep it taught and strong. This also reduces the risk of wind damage.
  • You can use galvanised wire, cable ties or staples to attach your screening, best attached with a pair of strong pliers. 
  • When attaching bamboo screening, ensure you are using the wire rather than the bamboo canes themselves. Driving staples through bamboo will damage the canes.