Garth Living Outdoor Wood Fired Oven & Smoker

Code: OL2773
Garth Living Outdoor Wood Fired Oven & Smoker
Garth Living Outdoor Wood Fired Oven & Smoker

This high quality wood fired oven and smoker will emit a hearty, primal smell of lovingly smoke-flavoured edibles for you to enjoy.

The Garth Living Wood Fired Oven features both a baking oven and smoker and come with a roasting dish and a pizza tray, enabling you to be creative in what you cook. Thanks to ventilation control, you can now choose to control the fast or slow burn of the flames in the combustion chamber. The oven is also equipped with an assortment of shelves and racks for your convenience, while a thermometer displays the internal temperature from outside the oven door. A compartment below the oven is specially designed for wood storage. With fast assembly and an easy-to-use system, the Garth Living wood fired oven is ideal to serve you and your family at every outdoor occasion.


Width 63cm (2ft) x Height 206cm (6ft 9in) x Depth 68.6cm (2ft 3in)
Weight: 144kg
Capacity: 109L


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