Giant Mister Colour Changing LEDs

Code: WF0732
Giant Mister Colour Changing LEDs
This is our giant mister and is the most powerfull unit that we have available. Incorperating coloured LED lights to create a stunning night effect by illuminating the mist created in a sequence of colours. Each unit has nine 20mm ceramic membranes and a 280W motor. The giant mister comes complete with a transformer and includes a low water level cut-out. It adds a touch of mystery to any water feature or garden. In deeper water, a float should be used to maintain the correct depth of water to ensure maximum performance from the mister.Ceramic membranes can easily be exchanged and cleaned, having a life span of approximately five thousand working hours - dependant on the quality of the water.

Dimensions :

125mm dia, 55mm high .
36v AC, 280w
water usage 720ml/h
10m cable

SUITABLE FOR OUTDOORS and INDOORS with the use of a DriBox. Click here to view our range of DriBoxes

Like all our Misters the mist motor should be immersed to a minimum depth of 45mm. If the sensor on the motor comes above water level the mist motor will cease to operate. The unit will operate in depths between 5 - 30mm (of water above membrane). Water temperature should be between 5 - 35 degrees c but unit works more efficiently when water temperature and room temperature are the same.

Please Note: The images below show what our Mini Misters can do (with a single membrane) - this Giant Mister is a lot more powerful and will create a much bigger effect that won't be so disturbed by wind.

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Reviewed Sunday, 11 August 2013

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Reviewed Sunday, 23 September 2012

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