5L Glass Terrarium Bottle & Extending Tools Set

Code: GF1030
5L Glass Terrarium Bottle & Extending Tools Set

Start your terrarium growing experience on the right foot with our stunning range of purpose-designed belly bottles. This terrarium kit contains a 5 litre bottle, a cork, and a telescopic shovel and rake so you can easily adjust the soil and plants while constructing your own ecosystem.

Terrariums have been around since Victorian times, having first been developed to bring plants back from various corners of the globe. The plants arrived in excellent condition, kept living by its own contained eco-system within the sealed glass container. It became incredibly popular and soon many people had variations in their homes.

Although the popularity eventually petered off, they’ve come back into fashion again! With far more access to plants and information on how to grow a healthy and happy terrarium, this is the best time to get started on your new indoor gardening endeavour!

Please note: Do not place your terrarium in direct sunlight. This bottle is indoor use only.

  • Grow your own enclosed garden indoors! This kit supplies you with the items you need to get started, just add pebbles, charcoal, and soil to get your plants growing
  • Extendable tools to work with – This kit contains a telescopic shovel and rake so you can make adjustments easily through the narrow neck of the bottle

  • Height: 33.1cm (1ft 1in)
  • Width: 21.2cm (8¼in)
  • Depth: 21.2cm (8¼in)
  • Capacity: 5 litres
  • In this set :
    • 1x 5 litre bottle with cork
    • 1x telescopic shovel and rake

Recommended plants:
  • Button Fern
  • Baby’s Tears/ Angel’s tears
  • Starfish Plant
  • Silver Nerve Plant
  • Spiderwort

Stay away from:
  • Succulents and semi-succulents - These plants will eventually rot in terrariums because a closed ecosystem is too humid and wet for them
  • Plants with large roots - There is only so much soil available, keep small plants so their roots don’t overwhelm each other

Also Available As A Starter Kit

The terrarium starter kit comes with everything you need to set up your terrarium - simply set up, choose your plants and get going.

Why not enjoy your terrarium throughout the night with this handy Solar cork.

Optional Extras
  • Terrarium Solar Cork
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