5x Goat Willow - Salix caprea - 45-60cm - Bare-root (Pack of 5 Plants)

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5x Goat Willow - Salix caprea - 45-60cm - Bare-root (Pack of 5 Plants)
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A vigorous hardy tree, with striking catkins in late winter/early spring, silver on female plants, golden yellow on males. Responds well to hard pruning. Thrives in damp or wet sites. Native to UK.

  • Flower Colour: yellow edged white catkins
  • Foliage Colour: green
  • Approx. Growth Height: 8-12m (27-40ft)
  • Flowering Period: spring
  • Tolerance: wet tolerant, exposure tolerant
  • Growing Habit: bushy
  • Hardiness: fully hardy
  • Exposure: exposed, sheltered
  • Rate of Growth: fast
  • Final Size if Untrimmed: small tree
  • Wildlife: attracts bees and other insects
  • Arrives bare-root at a height of 45-60cm (16-2ft)

  • Light Requirements: full sun
  • Soil Requirements: all soils
  • Moisture: well-drained, moist but well-drained

  • Planting Distance: 60cm (2ft)

Goat Willow can be planted from November to March, when the hedge is dormant. Ensure that the area where you are going to plant the hedge is clear and weed-free.

Caring and Maintenance

Should be pruned in winter, just after planting, and for two years after that. On planting, cut back leading shoots and side shoots by one-third, cutting to a well placed bud. Repeat this in the second winter to prevent straggly growth and thicken up the hedge base. Then trim every June after that.

Maintain at 90-180cm (3-6ft) or as taller hedges or screens.


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