Goddess Flora Stone Statue

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Goddess Flora Stone StatueGoddess Flora Stone Statue
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Goddess Flora Stone StatueGoddess Flora Stone Statue
Goddess Flora Stone Statue

The goddess Flora was a Roman creation, a minor fertility goddess whose main draw was that she represented spring and flowers. She was also the goddess of fruit and trees, and had a festival held between April and May, symbolising the renewal of the cycle of life. Her traditional sign was the cornucopia, spilling out fruit, as is shown on this statue. Let Flora watch over your garden, and keep your plants healthy.


  • Classical representation of the beautiful goddess of spring, Flora
  • Composite stone - handmade by craftsmen
  • Will develop a natural aged patina over time
  • Attracts moss and lichen to create a real sense of age
  • This item will accumulate value as it ages

This classical representation of the goddess Flora is in the traditional Roman style. Whilst Flora was more popular with Renaissance artists than the Romans themselves, she was pictured in Roman statues in a flowing tunic, holding a cornucopia - as she is here. The draped tunic folds are particularly elegant on this figure. Over time, this statue will develop an antique patina, as well as attract moss and lichens, giving it a real feel of history. Items have sold at auction houses for many times their original price due to this beautiful weathered look.


Height 99cm (3ft 3in)
Base diameter 28cm (11in)

Weight 75kg


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