Grade 316 Stainless Steel Turnbuckle (Claw/Claw Ends)

Code: OL0004/25SCLAW
Grade 316 Stainless Steel Turnbuckle (Claw/Claw Ends)

This reliable turnbuckle allows you to regulate the tension in your sail shade and has claw/claw ends for easy attachment to a pad eye, making it easy to attach and keep in place with the pins included. The most realiable way to fix your Shade Sail, this turnbuckle will not snap or slip away in strong winds thanks to the secure claw and pin attachments.
Our range of grade 316 stainless steel sail shade accessories are extremely strong and corrosion resistant, and will allow you to enjoy your sail shade with confidence.

  • Easily regulate the tension in your sail shade by screwing or unscrewing the turnbuckle
  • Reliable - featuring a "claw and pin" configuration for easy attachment to a pad eye, making it quick to set up and will not break or slip away
  • Grade 316 stainless steel is extremely strong and rustproof
  • Adjustable length means you can choose how far your sail shade is from the wall, post, etc. to which it is fixed
  • Adjustable length: 18cm (7ins) - 28cm (11ins) long

This grade 316 stainless steel turnbuckle allows you to attach your sail shade to a wall fixing such as a pad eye, keeping your sail shade firmly in place. It is adjustable, and provides more length than a snap hook, should you wish to set up your sail shade at a greater distance from the wall or post to which it is fixed.


We recommend using 2 snap-hooks and a turnbuckle per corner. Then the number of pad eyes you will need depends upon how many poles you use (each pole comes with a suitable mounting point).

Square Sail Shade:

  • 8x Snap Hooks
  • 4x Turnbuckles
  • 2x Pad Eyes assuming 2x poles are used
  • 1x Strap Tensioner
  • 4x Stainless Steel Cable Pack (optional)
Triangular Sail Shade:
  • 6x Snap Hooks
  • 3x Turnbuckles
  • 2x Pad Eyes, assuming 1x pole is used
  • 1x Strap Tensioner
  • 3x Stainless Steel Cable Pack (optional)


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