Grade A Teak 10 Seat Rectangular Extendable 'Pembroke' Set with Benches by Liz Frances™

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Grade A Teak 10 Seat Rectangular Extendable 'Pembroke' Set with Benches by Liz Frances™
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Grade A Teak 10 Seat Rectangular Extendable 'Pembroke' Set with Benches by Liz Frances™
Grade A Teak 10 Seat Rectangular Extendable 'Pembroke' Set with Benches by Liz Frances™

Only the Finest Grade A Teak
  • Grade A teak comes from the heartwood of a mature teak log, and is rich in natural oils, offering protection from the elements
  • Teak is responsibly and ethically sourced through the WWF Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) initiative

Liz Frances - Synonymous with Comfort and Practical Design

  • 2 versatile benches can be used as part of a dining set, but will look equally beautiful in other parts of your garden
  • 2 Pembroke chairs are comfortable, versatile, and fold away when not in use for easy storage or portability
  • Can seat up to 10 people, making it ideal for a dinner party with family and friends
  • Table is extendable, allowing you to seat larger parties, or create a more intimate setting
  • Armrests on benches provide added comfort and convenience, and are helpful for those with mobility issues
  • The table also has a parasol hole in the centre when fully extended, allowing you to protect yourself from the sun on hot days
  • Cushions available - see tick box at the bottom of page to add to basket

The Finest Joinery by Liz Frances

  • Mortice and tenon joints used in the making of this furniture ensure it is stable and secure
  • Brass fittings are durable and weather resistant, and complement the warm tones of the teak
  • Wooden dowels - traditional craftsmanship ensuring robust and reliable furniture

  • Table: Length 1.8m-2.4m (5ft 11in-7ft 10½in) x Width 1m (3ft 3½in) x Height 75cm (2ft 5½in)
  • Bench: Height 86cm (2ft 10in) x Width 1.8m (5ft 11in) x Depth 60cm (1ft 11¾in)
  • Chair: Width 45cm (1ft 5¾in) x Depth 58cm (1ft 11in) x Height 89cm (2ft 11in)
  • Please note: this furniture will arrive flatpacked, requiring minimal assembly.

Set consists of

  • 1x Rectangular Extendable Table
  • 2x 4 Seater Bench
  • 2x Foldable Chair
It's simple: you just want a lovely set of teak furniture that'll last you for years to come. How can you ensure that you're getting a piece worth your hard earned money? Our experts have put together this brief guide to help you buy fine, reliable teak furniture which will last a lifetime.

Teak Buying Guide

Grade A Teak

This set is constructed from Grade A teak, which is rich in natural oils. These oils provide weather resistance and longevity. Grade A teak is from the heart of the teak log, meaning that the grain is denser and tighter. This provides a more pleasing appearance and more even colouring, and also means that the wood is longer-lasting and more resistant to the elements. This wood will age over time, developing the natural silvery patina beloved by teak enthusiasts. This natural process does not affect the teak's inherent weather resistant properties.

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Responsibly Sourced - WWF Global Forest & Trade Network

You can rest assured that this furniture has been sourced responsibly. The teak used in construction has been sourced under the WWF's GFTN initiative, which aims to eliminate illegal logging and drive improvements in forest management. Only the finest timber has been sourced from managed plantations in Indonesia, one of the largest producers of teak. GFTN, as a WWF-led partnership, links hundreds of companies, communities, NGOs, and entrepreneurs in more than 30 countries around the world. Only mature trees are cut down, which means higher quality wood, and higher quality furniture. We are proud that we fully comply with the new 2013 EU Timber Regulations and that we can trace the provenance of our timber, right along the supply chain back to the plantation.

4 Seater 'Stamford' Bench

These high-quality Grade A teak benches are wide enough to comfortably seat 3-4 people, allowing you and your guests to sit comfortably, whether you are dining or just relaxing outdoors. The versatile benches will look equally charming placed around the table, or overlooking your flowerbeds. They also feature armrests at both ends, which provide added comfort and are helpful for those with mobility issues.

2 Foldable 'Pembroke' Chairs

This set comes with two foldable chairs, which are both comfortable and practical. They can be stored away when not in use, or easily and conveniently moved around to catch the best position for relaxing in the sun.

Extendable Rectangular Table

The elegant rectangular table is extendable, allowing you to expand your dinner party, or create a smaller, more intimate setting. This versatility makes this set ideal for a variety of outdoor spaces and occasions. When unextended it can accommodate up to 6 chairs, and when fully extended it can seat 8-10. The table also has a parasol hole in the centre when fully extended, allowing you to protect yourself from the sun on hot days.

Mortice and Tenon Joints

This furniture is made using tried and tested manufacturing techniques. For instance, the mortice and tenon joints ensure that the structure is secure and stable, and can withstand stress and regular use.

Wooden Dowels

The dowels on the benches and table are just one aspect of the high level of craftsmanship in this piece. These dowels support the tenon joint by offering some extra stability. Smoothly finished and secure, the wooden dowels are inconspicuous yet effective.

Brass Fittings

The brass fittings are strong, long-lasting, and weather resistant. They allow the table to extend smoothly and easily, and their rustic appearance complements the warm, honey tones of the teak.

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