Greenhouse Installation at Primrose

Many people choose to install their own greenhouse, however if you would rather have it installed for you, we can help you to arrange this.

Please note: You will need to have purchased a base with your greenhouse to qualify for our installation service. You will also need to have prepared a foundation*.

The approximate price to install a greenhouse is listed here and includes VAT.
We have a network of installers throughout the country and, depending on your location, we can usually arrange the installation within 2 weeks.

Installation Prices

Size Prices
6ft wide from £275.99
8ft wide from £323.99
10ft wide from £380.99
12ft wide from £390.99

For other sizes, please email us for a quote.
If you would like a quote please email the details below to and we will be in touch within a week.
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Attach at least one photo of the install site
  • Greenhouse Size
  • Greenhouse Brand
  • Any notes on the installation site such as access issues, overhead cables or wires etc.
  • Expected date of arrival (if relevant)
  • Do you want the installers to build a foundation for you too?
    Choose your base from this page

It might be useful to read these notes on things you may need to consider before installing your greenhouse, and also these notes on building a foundation for your greenhouse.

* We can arrange for the installers to take care of this too for an extra cost (in most of the UK). Prices are from around 40 sq/m for raised outer foundation using paving to 78 sq/m for fully laid flagstones, for a concrete foundation it would be around 70sq/m. However this does not include charges for waste disposal, skip hire, site survey etc.

Not available on all greenhouses, please check before purchasing if you require the installation service.