Greenhouse Blogs and Personal Stories

A collection of stories, advice, photographs and anecdotes writen by our customers for your enjoyment.

Jackie Grebby from Kent
11th June

"My garden seems to belong to two eras: before and after the hurricane. Before the hurricane, I had a wonderful wooden greenhouse. Twenty or so feet long and 15 feet wide. It had a two foot, L-shaped raised bed, an inside water tank, electric lighting, and staging. The hurricane took the wood and glass off somewhere. and what with children, parish council, and other commitments it never..." Read More
Pamela Griffiths from Kent
20th March

"This week the lengthening of daylight hours has become apparent and we are attracted outdoors by the warmth of the bright sunshine. The clocks have changed and we begin the growing season by organising our venerable old greenhouse. It is looking so lovely with the Magnolia Stellata flowers dancing in the sunshine alongside its rickety panes.This heirloom greenhouse..." Read More
Victoria Erlanger from Oxford
7th June

"My friend Dave, slogging away in the heat sustained by frequent cups of tea and sandwiches, erected my first greenhouse last summer. Before, I had used a small three-shelf mini-greenhouse and was amazed at how much more I could do. I used it for raising outdoor tomatoes and chillies and overwintered sweet peas, broad beans and dianthus cuttings. Before long my little grow-house...." Read More
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