Greenhouse Customer Case Studies

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Germination Sensation

Mrs Barford is a married, retired pensioner and keen gardener living in rural Suffolk. Tired of losing her plants to extreme weather conditions she decided she wanted to look for a greenhouse for 'seed germination' and 'grow your own vegetables and fruit'. After looking about on various websites including Primrose she knew she wanted a Halls Supreme Greenhouse due to generous size and reasonable cost representing good value for money.

"Horticultural glass wears better than polycarbonate"

The Verdict

Mrs Barford said she was glad she had researched the model she wanted and compared prices across the internet as it 'paid to look around.' The greenhouse allowed Mrs Barford to grow her 'own fruit and vegetables' as well as providing the perfect environment for 'seed germination.'

"It paid us to look around"

The Solution

Product Information

Item: Halls Supreme Greenhouse 8'x6' Silver
Size: 8' x 6'
Code: GH0114
Colour: Silver
  • Horticultural Glass, Aluminium Frame
  • Other Features: 1 Roof Vent
  • 15 Years Manafacturers Guarantee

As Mrs Barford already knew the exact model of greenhouse she wanted she just needed to find the best price available. Primrose offered the deal Mrs Barford wanted with the best 'price and free delivery' combined with the matching base proving to be the most competitive deal available. Mrs Barford was impressed with the 'good' selection of greenhouses at Primrose despite the fact she 'had already decided on a model.' She brought in a builder to lay a concrete base to make the greenhouse even more secure. Mrs Barford opted for holticultural glass which she felt would 'wear better than polycarbonate.'