Greenhouse Customer Case Studies

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Mrs Arnold from West Sussex

Bought a Garden Traditional Aluminium Frane Greenhouse 6' x 6' for 225.99

Safe Place from Squirrels

Mrs Arnold, in her late 40s, was looking for a greenhouse at 'reasonable quality' and 'good price', to 'look nice in the garden'. She and her family live on an estate 'with a lot of trees, so a greenhouse is good to protect plants from the squirrels'. She is a keen gardener and wanted to use the greenhouse for growing vegetable plants, having had a greenhouse at her previous home and finding it very useful for this. The Arnolds searched for greenhouses at B&Q, Argos, and other online companies and was most interested in the price.

"Quick delivery and better price"

The Verdict

Mrs Arnold will be using her new greenhouse for 'growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers, starting off seeds and keeping tender plants over winter.'

"A Greenhouse is good to protect little plants from the squirrels who dig up everything looking for their nuts!"

The Solution

Product Information

Item: Gardman Traditional Aluminium Frame Greenhouse 6'x6'
Size: 6' x 6'
Code: GH0050
Colour: Green
Materials: Polycarbonate Panels, Aluminium Frame
Other Features:
  • 1 Roof Vents
  • Sliding free-running door
  • Enamel Coating
  • Galvanized Steel Base

Mrs Arnold chose the Gardman Traditional Aluminium Frame Greenhouse, for it's 'more insulating' properties. The greenhouse features twin-wall polycarbonate glazing, for an insulated growing environment, and polycarbonate window panels, for a reduced risk of breaking glass. The size was perfect due to the 'limited space' she had available for the Greenhouse. Mrs Arnold added that Primrose offered 'quick delivery and better price' than the other online companies.