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H120cm Classical 2-Tier Stone Water Fountain by Ambienté

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This classic fountain is made using a white sand concrete with grains of marble and a steel reinforced base and is suitable for use on its own or in a pond.

There are two main versions:
The Two Tier Version and the Three Tier Version (click here to view). Both are available as: Standard version, and a Pond Version.
We also offer a Tall Two Tier version. (click here to view).

With the Standard Version, water is pumped from the bottom bowl to the top of the feature. The Pond Version is suitable for installation in a pond or pebble pool and is supplied with a larger pump and regulator plus valve fittings, allowing water to be pumped from the base of the fountain instead of from the bottom bowl. If you need a pebble pool to go beneath the Pond Version we recommend the FiniaTM 1800

This beautiful fountain is compatible with our Classical Stone Fountain Surround.

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I'm confused! Could you explain all these options?

It really depends if you want the water to fall all the way to the ground or not.

Standard version:
The simplest option is for the water to be pumped back to the top from the lowest bowl (ie the bowl of the fountain about 2 feet off the ground). The pump sits in that lower bowl (hidden from view in the centre column). In this case, the water never falls to the ground. It's the cheapest option and easiest to construct. You don't need to do any ground works other than provide a secure base for the fountain to stand on. The electric cable (10m, supplied) bases down to the ground through a hole in the central column of the fountain so you can exit it through the ground invisibly.

Pond version.
If you want the water to fall all the way to the ground, you have three options.

1) Stand the fountain in a pond.
The pond becomes the reservoir and the pump sits in the pond, pumping water back to the top of the fountain through a hole in the central column. The lower bowl of the fountain fills with water until full then water tips down into the pond.

2) Use an underground reservoir. This is plastic dug into a hole in the ground. The reservoir supports the weight of the fountain. You cover the lid of the reservoir with pebbles. The pump sits in the water in the reservoir underground and pumps the water back to the top through a pipe through the centre of the fountain.

3) Use the optional surround to create a waterproof reservoir or mini-pond at the base of the fountain.
With this option the water is visible in the pool created by the optional surround at ground level. Instead of digging a hole for the reservoir you need to construct a concrete base then use concrete to join together the components of the optional surround. The concreting you do will make the base pool waterproof which is more suitable for the advanced DIY customers.

Installation Instructions
Click here to view the instructions

  • Click here for assembly instructions
    • Cable Length: 1000 cm
    • Brands: Ambienté
    • Height: 120 cm
    • Diameter: 74 cm
    • Weight: 148 Kg

    Tips on Installation and Maintenance

    A lot of water features come pre-assembled for the most part, with just a little hose/pump connecting to do before plugging it in to a solar panel or mains socket. Some of our bigger ones require wiring in a plug (which might involve a Part P Certified electrician), but otherwise all instructions will be included.

    If you've got any questions, why not check out our Installation Guide for tips on installation location, power and even style tips!

    More Information
    Location Goes in a pond
    Size Over 1m
    Style Fountains and Sprays
    Material Real Stone Fountains, Sandstone, Slate & Granite
    Shape Tiered