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H21.5cm Baeza Cascading Jar Ceramic Tabletop Water Feature | Indoor/Outdoor Use by Ambienté

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H21.5cm Baeza Cascading Jar Ceramic Tabletop Water Feature | Indoor/Outdoor Use by Ambienté

This compact and uncomplicated water feature is perfect for an elevated surface, where it can be enjoyed by all. Although small, the cascading design is full of character and will bring delight to your eyes and ears. It’s a fantastic piece of table dressing, and your guests are bound to find their eye drawn back to it time and time again. This water feature is mains operated, meaning it can be turned on at any time of day or night. The jars are coated in an ivory ceramic glaze with sandy flecks, which gives the jars a shiny finish and keeps it water tight.

What's in the box?

  • Water feature
  • Pump

Glazed Ceramic Finish

A ceramic glaze makes an impervious layer on the object it is applied to. The ceramic finish on this water features allows it to shine in the sun, letting the water sparkle as it flows over the grooves. The finish also protects the structure, making it water tight and hardy against the elements.

Relaxing Cascading Design

Add the calm and soothing sound of cascading water to your home or garden with this delightful triple jug water feature. Enjoy relaxing to the gentle sounds of water trickling away with this table top design.

Other Features
  • Ceramic glazed - hand finished in an ivory ceramic glaze, the look of this water feature will bring an artistic touch to your garden
  • Table top water feature – decorate any table, inside or out with this compact and appealing design
  • Relaxing visuals and sound effects – gentle splashing noises and a pleasing design will take your guests to a tranquil place
  • Easy to install – self-contained and delivered with everything you need to set up your water feature
  • Height: 21.5cm (8.5in)
  • Width: 13cm (5.9in)
  • Depth: 15cm (6in)
  • Cable length: 1.55m (5ft 1in)
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Pump wattage: 3.5W
  • Pump flow: 180LPH

Tips on Installation and Maintenance

A lot of water features come pre-assembled for the most part, with just a little hose/pump connecting to do before plugging it in to a solar panel or mains socket. Some of our bigger ones require wiring in a plug (which might involve a Part P Certified electrician), but otherwise all instructions will be included.

If you've got any questions, why not check out our Installation Guide for tips on installation location, power and even style tips!

More Information
Why X?

Why Mains Power?

The traditional way to install a water feature is to connect it to your main power supply, although solar powered water features are a great option, there are also benefits to choosing a mains powered feature.

  • Main power is better to effectively run larger water features. These tend to have higher energy requirements, so a mains connection is required for reliable usage.

  • Mains powered water features allow for prolonged use. Solar panels only last as long as they have stored up power and will only work if there is good weather. Mains powered water features will work in any weather and in limited sunlight

Power Source Mains
Location Indoors
Size Under 50cm
Style Rocks
Type Cascading, Jugs, Vases & Tubs
Material Ceramic
Shape Bowl, Tiered
Sale Category Water Features
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