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H24cm Spectrum Bubble Tower Tabletop Water Feature with Colour LEDs | Indoor Use by Fluid

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H24cm Spectrum Bubble Tower Tabletop Water Feature with Colour LED's Indoor /Outdoor use by Fluid

There is something soothing about bubbles. We loved them as children, happily chasing them around gardens for hours on end; we love them as adults, sitting in a jacuzzi, on a relaxing holiday, sipping a refreshing beverage whilst you soak. Bring the bubbles into your everyday life with this modern and innovative tabletop water feature.

Bring the bubbles to you!

The Tabletop Bubble Tower's compact size means it's portable and compact enough to fit on a desk or a side table. You can put your bubble tower where you want it!

Bubbles In The Dark

The bubble tower looks stunning in the dark! Create different ambiences, from a Caribbean tropical sunset to a relaxing deep sea feel. Turn the lights off and see where your bubble tower takes you.

Different Colour Options

Set a different colour for a different mood. The bubble tower can change to multiple different colours, including: fuchsia, red, blue, green, orange or yellow! Whether you want a warm summery yellow, or a cool arctic blue, the Spectrum tabletop has an array of colour.

Remote Control

Change the colour of your bubble tower with our useful remote. With just one click of a button, the LED lights change colour and help to create a different ambience quickly and easily.

Self Contained Water Supply

This Eco-Friendly water feature has a self-contained water System, which means that there is no need for constant refills. It is efficient and easy to set up.


  • Length: 19cm (7½in)
  • Width: 19cm (7½in)
  • Height: 24cm (9½in)
  • Weight: 3kg

Tips on Installation and Maintenance

A lot of water features come pre-assembled for the most part, with just a little hose/pump connecting to do before plugging it in to a solar panel or mains socket. Some of our bigger ones require wiring in a plug (which might involve a Part P Certified electrician), but otherwise all instructions will be included.

If you've got any questions, why not check out our Installation Guide for tips on installation location, power and even style tips!

To create our high specification, long-lasting water features, we use 304-grade stainless steel which contains high levels of chromium making it resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel is very resistant to rust because the chromium in the metal reacts with oxygen to form a protective layer. If this layer is broken down by mechanical damage or a powerful cleaning agent and rust does appear, simply remove the rust and the chromium oxide layer will reform. As well as it’s hard-wearing features, grade 304 stainless steel is perfect for both contemporary and classical water feature designs, the highly polished finish of stainless steel is great for reflecting light into shaded areas of the garden.

More Information
Why X?

Why Mains Power?

The traditional way to install a water feature is to connect it to your main power supply, although solar powered water features are a great option, there are also benefits to choosing a mains powered feature.

  • Main power is better to effectively run larger water features. These tend to have higher energy requirements, so a mains connection is required for reliable usage.
  • Mains powered water features allow for prolonged use. Solar panels only last as long as they have stored up power and will only work if there is good weather. Mains powered water features will work in any weather and in limited sunlight.
Power Source Mains
Location Indoors
Size Under 50cm
Style With Lights
Type Bubble Features, Standing Water Walls, Tabletop
Material Acrylic
Shape Square/Rectangular
Special Offers Free Fountain Safe