H72cm Large Stone Composite Tall Trough Planter in White

Code: PP5023WPL
H72cm Large Stone Composite Tall Trough Planter in White
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H72cm Large Stone Composite Tall Trough Planter in White
H72cm Large Stone Composite Tall Trough Planter in White

This trough planter will make a fantastic addition to your outdoor space with its bold design and durable construction. Suitable for a wide variety of plants it can adapt to what your garden needs. Fill with soft ferns, beautiful roses or create a bright display with your favourite blooms. With its clean lines and elegant design, it is sure to make an eye-catching feature. For an impressive display, why not use multiple planters to line a driveway or garden path?

This planter comes with a removable internal partition which allows you to create the illusion of a full panter whilst only filling it halfway with soil. As well as being more economical this is very handy for keeping the overall weight of the planter reduced, making them slightly easier to move should plans change.

The planter is made from a stone composite, a modern sturdy material that is often used for its hardwearing properties. Around a quarter of the weight of standard cement, it has a robust appearance but is deceptively lightweight; easy to move when your garden needs a new look. The stone is a mixture of polyester resin, ground stone and fibreglass which guarantees long-lasting durability with sand and small rocks being added to the mix for a natural textured stone appearance. The material will also withstand any adverse weather effects from things such as extreme heat or frost. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use they are perfect for flanking entrances to restaurants, hotels or other commercial settings but can bring a touch of grandeur to your home or garden space just as easily.

  • Inbuilt drainage - pre-drilled holes ensure adequate drainage for the planter
  • Stone material - the porous material of the stone helps to draw some water out of the soil, an advantage for those of us who tend to over water our plants
  • Commercial choice - the heavy duty appearance and durability against the weather makes this planter ideal for public use, either to add attractive planting or divide up areas
  • Height: 72cm (28.3in)
  • Width: 72cm (28.3in)
  • Depth: 35cm (13.7in)
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Material: Stone composite


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