H80cm Bruce The Bull Planter

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H80cm Bruce The Bull Planter

This delightful bull planter, Bruce has quite the personality and will create some whimsy to your garden. Handmade from 44 gallon drums it gives a fresh new look to recycling and the riot of colour is sure to stand out and be a focal point for any setting. This planter has a hollow mid-section, with a drainage plug and metal gauze cover. It also has wheels on its back legs for easy movement and portability. UV Resistant and enamel-coated. Will survive harsh weather conditions.

Please note that each sculpture is totally unique as they are handmade from different drums so colours may vary.

  • Ethically made - support workers learning new skills in Vietnam
  • Totally unique sculptures - no two designs will be the same
  • Handmade - each ornament is hand made in Vietnam
  • Lacquered exterior - is designed for the outside and will age naturally and beautifully
  • Recycled material - made from 44 gallon oil drums
  • Creative design - forward thinking design is charming and fresh
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 40cm x 71cm

The wonderfully unique and artistic joy of these eco friendly ornaments will bring a quirky and exciting quality to any home or garden.

Unique Planter
The ethos of Think Outside means taking the outer city culture of initially Africa and now Vietnam and using a business model which seeks to empower its workers in Vietnam by training them and giving them new skills. The inspiration from both Africa and Vietnam combined with the vision of Australian designer Aaron Jackson is visible in the very idiosyncratic style of the collection.

Due to the innovative and hand made nature of this invention, each piece is entirely unique.

Environmentally Friendly and Ethically Aware
The structure of these beautiful creations are made largely from recycled oil drums. By using existing steel, there is a huge reduction in carbon footprint-from mining for ore to converting into steel. Production of sheets is also absent in the process, so this method of recycling is very environmentally concious.

Working in the countries of inspiration and equipping local workers with new skills and jobs is an integral part of the philosophy in the creation of these recycled products. Contributing to the community that has influenced this range is an invaluable quality.


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