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Hazelnut Leaf Artificial Fencing Screening Papillon 3.0m x 1.0m (10ft x 3ft 3in) - By Papillon™

Install anywhere Maintenance-free Screen in style
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Available to order from 23/03/2022
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Hazelnut Leaf Artificial Fencing Screening Papillon 3.0m x 1.0m (10ft x 3ft 3in) - By Papillon™

Screening is a great and easy way to separate areas of your garden, disguise walls, or even to cover up unsightly old walls and fences. When used over pergolas and arbours, it creates a stunning effect, and a lovely shaded area for you to enjoy. This screening is adorned with artificial hazelnut leaves, which will instantly create a beautiful, naturalistic look.

Screening is a brilliant way to turn an eyesore into a gorgeous area. This screening can cover up all sorts of areas that are causing you a headache: compost bins, rubbish bins, greenhouses, oil and gas tanks, fences and garden gates. It would even be perfect for balconies of flats to help create more privacy for you. You could even use them on arbours and pergolas to help create a lovely shaded area in the summer. The screen is adorned with artificial hazelnut leaves, which give them a naturalistic look, without all the waiting around that happens if you wanted real leaves to grow on the screening. This is ready instantly and will look just as good! The leaves are made of UV stabilised PVC, which will help it to keep its colour for longer after being exposed to the sun. This screening, unlike if you were growing a hedge, will require no maintenance.

There are many benefits to artificial screening, the perfect way to neaten up your garden or hide any unsightly areas. Normal growing conditions are not required with this artificial screening, meaning that you have the freedom to place anywhere in your garden. Light is not required and excessive rain is not an issue. If you have poor soil conditions in your garden then artificial screening is your solution.

UV Lock Technology®

We use a premium grade UV protecting polymer additive designed to absorb the sun's harmful rays and prevent any colour fade.

After 17,500 hours in a laboratory weathering test, there was no visible change in either the physical appearance of the material, including colouration, or the brittleness of the polymer.

Read all about how UV degrades plastic and how UV Lock technology keeps our artificial screening looking as good as new for at least 2 years.


  • Artificial hazelnut leaves - looks real, and it is ready immediately, unlike if you wanted real leaves to grow on your screening
  • Cover up unsightly areas - compost bins, rubbish bins, walls, garden gates; an effective way to turn an eyesore into something beautiful
  • Create summer shade - use over arbours and pergolas to create a wonderful shaded area to enjoy
  • UV stabilised PVC leaves - helps the leaves to keep their colour for longer after prolonged exposure to the sun
  • No maintenance - unlike if you were growing a hedge, there is no pruning or maintenance necessary; easy and hassle-free


  • Height: 1m (3ft 3in)
  • Width: 3m (9ft 11in)
  • Weight: 4.5kg

Alternative Heights:
  • Large: 6ft 7in
  • Medium: 5ft
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Type Screening Roll
Material Artificial