'Heat Wave' Speed Planter For Hanging Baskets

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'Heat Wave' Speed Planter For Hanging Baskets
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'Heat Wave' Speed Planter For Hanging Baskets

Perfect for effortlessly growing a beautiful flowering display

Effortlessly create a colourful display of flowers in your garden with this innovative speed planter. Simply place the pre-planted flowers into a basket, and your work is done - just sit back and enjoy the vibrant display of colours.

The speedplanter contains all the nutrients your plants need to survive and slowly releases them into the soil, meaning that all you need to do is water it once a week for an enviable display of flowers that will last from May to September.

Add a flash of warm summer colour to your garden with the heatwave speed planter. The red and yellow hues of carefully selected varieties in this collection work create a display of muted oranges and vibrant reds that bring the feeling of a British country summer into your garden. There is a great mixture of trailing and upright plants in this display that results in an interesting mix of textures and shapes that will bring your garden to life.

Variety Information

Speedplanter Dimensions D30cm
Flowering Period May to September
Preferred Location Sun, partial-shade
Watering Requirements To be watered on a weekly basis
Varieties Included Bidens Blazing Fire, Calib Cabaret Scarlet Ipd, Fuchsia Dancing Flame, GerIV Decora Red, amongst other varieties


Grown in the United KingdomOur perennials and alpines are dispatched directly from expert growers, based within Southern England. There is no sitting around in garden centers or fulfillment centres, so you rest assured that your plant will arrive fresh, healthy and in perfect condition.
A Beautiful Selection of Colours
Pre-Prepared For Basket Planting
Easy to Grow

Planting Tip

Plant directly into a container 35-40cm in diameter; do not remove the planter as the plants will root through

The ready-to-use basket filler is pre-planted with a carefully selected collection of top-performing flower varieties

Lovingly hand-curated, each mix has been carefully colour-coordinated to create a beautiful display within your garden; We have selected extra-long flowering varieties with a mix of petal shape, growing habit and colour that work together to add some colour and texture to your spac.

A unique mesh base allows roots to grow through for healthier, larger blooms.

Planting your Speedplanter couldn't be any easier; simply follow the three steps illustrated below, and sit back to watch your beautiful display bloom. Please note, watering, temperature and light guidelines have been detailed in the information table above.

No need to feed - Your speedplanter will arrive pre-loaded with a year's supply of high quality, slow release fertiliser. This fertiliser has been specifically designed to offer all the nutrients required for a fantastic flowering display.

As with all bedding plants, your plants will require watering at least once a week. You will also need to increase their watering during the Summer months, particularly during drier periods (where once every two days may be required). To encourage fresh flowering and a more impressive, lengthy display, regular deadheading is advised.

Optional Extras
  • 40cm Fibrecotta Sand Large Cube Planter
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  • 40cm Zinc Galvanised Large Black Cube Planter by Primrose™
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  • All-purpose Liquid Seaweed Stimulant by Empathy - 1L
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