Heated Clothing | Tried and tested

We're so sure that heated clothing is number one on the list of items you didn't know you needed, that we let Alena camp in Iceland to prove it!

Alena landed in Reykjavik and headed out into the wilderness to experience Iceland's sensational natural beauty, the geyser, waterfall hike and icy lakes. She pitched her tent and camped in freezing temperatures to push our heated clothing to the limit.

Whale Watching

First stop, whale watching in icy conditions on Icelandic waters. Alena doubled up on her inner gloves and her battery heated gloves for ultimate warmth.

"I could easily use my camera with these gloves on and react faster because my fingers were warm!"

Voyage of discovery

The Warmawear thermal socks were also a big hit, especially when paired with the heated insoles.

“We had a competition to see who could stand in an ice lake the longest. This of course led to a little cold feet! I don't know what I would have done without the thermal socks and heat packs we brought. They made me warm again in no time, even toasted! "


Another essential part of Alena's Warmawear toolkit was the disposable heat packs. Since they can be put under clothing, they were great for keeping out the cold on the Icelandic nights.

“I used it not only as a hand warmer but also as a foot warmer and also put some on my back under my thermals. I could still feel the heat when I woke up in the morning! '

Top recommended product

Alena's favorite and most versatile kit in the pack was the Warmawear 4-in-1 hand warmer. This is a hand warmer, a flashlight, a bicycle lamp and a portable power bank.

"We didn't have much of a chance to charge our phones, cameras or other digital devices, so this power bank was priceless. It also worked great as a torch and extra hand warmer!" This article seems to have been especially helpful in the wilderness, where access to mains power was not an option.