Gas vs Electric Powered Heaters

Making a decision on gas or electric power for your patio heater will depend on several important decisions. Some might be obvious, such as the location of your heater, but there are also other considerations you should be aware of before you buy. We've summed up the differences between gas and electric power here, and of course if you have any doubts or unanswered questions, please call our customer service team for a chat.

Electric - Mains Power

- Relatively lightweight, electric heaters come in a wide range of designs such as wall mounted, ceiling mounted, free standing and convertible from wall to floor mounted.

- Electrical heaters are cheaper to run compared to gas heaters, and they also operate silently.

- You will never need to worry about running out of fuel, they operate at the flick of a switch and some by remote control.

- Most electric heaters on the market usually offer targeted direct heat to your skin, so they are great for warming up specific areas rather than a whole room. (If you wish to read more about the different types of heating elements - click here).

- The heat is usually unaffected by wind, unlike their gas counterparts.

Electric Patio Heaters
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Gas - Canister Fuel

- Gas heaters are great for heating up enclosed areas such as patios or outdoor bar areas, and the gentle radiant heat offers the same pleasant sensation as sitting in the sun.

- Ideal where electricity is not available, or it is not practical to have wires trailing on the floor.

- Not needing installation, gas heaters can be moved around freely at your convenience.

- They are simple to set up, just install the canister and turn it on.

- Many heaters use the same canisters as gas barbecues; so you may already have some compatible canisters in reserve.

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Electric Gas
Cost to run 14p KW/Hour 1.20 per hour based on 13KW (Output of most gas heaters)
Usage - Wall mounted
- Ceiling mounted
- Floor standing
- Convertible between floor standing and wall mounted
- Floor mounted
Area Covered Direct to skin heat mostly unaffected by wind Mostly heats the surrounding air - best enclosed or large areas
Installation Requires access to electrical point - Use anywhere
- Replacement gas
- Cannisters required

We also have an information page about the different types of electric heater bulbs. To view it, please click here.

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