Heatmaster 1.5kW Elite Halogen Bulb Electric Infrared Patio Heater - Gold

Code: OL1844G15
Heatmaster 1.5kW Elite Halogen Bulb Electric Infrared Patio Heater - Gold
Enjoy a drink or party in the garden any time of year. The Heatmaster Elite is a high quality, elegant, water and dust protected heater to IP65. With a glass screen, and combined reflector and body, this heater provides superior levels of heat distribution from a compact and slimline chassis. This lamp is fitted with an excellent 1500W (1.5KW) gold bulb.

The heater can be mounted overhead, on a wall, or fixed under your parasol, umbrella, sailshade or awning. Constructed entirely from aluminium, this heater will provide many years of effective and reliable service.

Please note: This heater is suitable for domestic use only.


  • Gardens, patios and decking
  • Shelters, summerhouses and gazebos
  • Garages and workshops

This electric patio heater is odourless, durable and has a full three year warranty.


Size: Height 9.5cm (3¾in) x Width 44.5cm (1ft 5½in) x Depth 11.5cm (4½in)
Power supply: 220-240v (1500 watt output)
Weight: 2kg
Light output: Heater provides a warm reddish light
Heating area: Up to 14sqm
IP65 rated

Why should I choose an Infrared Heater?

When it comes to heating, electric heaters have several advantages over traditional gas heaters, fire pits, chimeneas, etc. The heat spreads over a wide area, which means you and your guests have a larger area in which you can stay warm. The electric heater doesn't have a flame and it doesn't burn oxygen, making it much safer and a more suitable option to use indoors than heaters with real flames.

  • Safe - no worries about pressurised gas or storing cylinders and, unlike gas, no annual servicing
  • Silent - it's electric
  • Clean - no smells and virtually maintenance-free
  • Compact - clean and easy to store
  • Effective - infrared rays warm instantly, giving a feeling of comfort from the moment it is switched on
  • Efficient - unaffected by drafts
  • Economical and environmentally friendly - cheaper than gas heating. An eco-friendly heating system that will reduce your carbon footprint

Used as a modular unit

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.0/5 (1 review)

Rating: 4/5

"Heater itself is pretty good. Warms up instantly and definitely takes the chill out of the air. Extremely effective for it's purpose of enabling us to sit outside on the patio into the night and less messy and time consuming than a fire pit and warmer than a chimnea. Aesthetically it's not so great. It looks a bit industrial to me, like something you'd have in a hotel kitchen. The orange glow lets off a lot of light which means if you want to sit outside at night just in candle light then forget it. On the plus side you can see what you're doing and don't need any additional light. If like me you want to sit outside on a summer's evening but get too cold then this does the trick (still need a cardigan but then very pleasant). Perfection would be if it could look a bit prettier and if it didn't let off such a strong glow."

Reviewed Saturday, 7 June 2014

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