Hedgehog Haus - Hogitat

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Hedgehog Haus - Hogitat
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Hedgehog Haus - Hogitat
Hedgehog Haus

The chic Northern European design of this little Haus will give your prickly garden guests the best chance at thriving even during harsh winter months. Hedgehogs need warm, safe places to weather out this cool time of year. Compost heaps are dangerous as they could be hurt by tools, strimmers, pitch forks and similar. Nestling in debris is no good either as hedgehogs will happily settle down in bonfire piles which of could end terribly.

By placing a Hedgehog Haus in your garden you give these little visitors a chance to stay warm, cosy and safe.

What is it made of?

The wooden door is made from FSC certified timber and painted brown. There is decorative rattan work around the edges of the Hedgehog Haus. The house provides shelter and sanctuary from dangers in the garden. Underneath the textured brushwood finish there is a sturdy steel frame, covered with a waterproof felt lining.

Safe and Sound

The wooden entrance door forms a short predator defence tunnel, small enough to deter access by dogs or badgers. For extra security the Haus can be pegged down using tent pegs or similar. For extra security, be sure to place your Hedgehog Haus in a quiet part of your garden and cover with leaves and brushwood. This will also help to make your hedgehog feel right at home.

Where should I place my Hedgehog House?

Locate your hedgehog house or "hogitat" within cover out of the prevailing wind. Pile leaves or foliage around the house to further camouflage it. Place cut short lengths of dry grass or leaves inside as nesting material


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