High Pressure Rat and Mouse Repeller

Code: SP0175
High Pressure Rat and Mouse Repeller
Rodent Repeller - High Pressure Rat, Mouse, and Squirrel Deterrent / Repellent

This is the most powerful deterrent / repellent available.

This device is suitable for areas in which there are no people i.e. drain covers, ceiling voids, attics, etc.

The device works by creating very high acoustic pressure levels. This does not come in the form of audible noise, but if you were in the same room as it, you would need to turn it off.

  • Helps protect your property and wiring from chewed wires and rodent trails
  • Helps reduce the risk of rodent carried disease
  • Can be used in any weather conditions (IP66 Rated)
  • Very simple to install
  • Removes the problem of dead vermin in the building from trapping.
  • Low cost due to minimal voltage requirements
  • Durable brass emitter
  • Humane solution
  • Due to the nature of this device it is recommended for professional use only. It is not designed for use in the home as buildings should not be occupied whilst the device is in operation. It is however ideally suited to airports, farm outbuildings, schools (during evenings, weekends and holidays etc.)

    The acoustic pressure cone affects the area by altering the hypersensitive hearing and orientation of rodents and makes them feel extremely uncomfortable. This creates an environment which the rodents simply cannot stand.

    Traditional poison remedies can create rodent cemeteries resulting in health risks within roof cavities or in drainage systems by the rodents dying in places that are hard to access. The dead rodents can then take weeks or even months to decay causing all sorts of unpleasant odours. Up until recently, the only alternative has been trapping which also leads to having to deal with dead rodents.
    The answer to the problem is trying to stop the rodents from entering in the first place, or if they are already there, encourage them to move out by creating conditions which they cannot stand.
    This is where Rodent Repeller really makes a difference. It is specially designed to prevent and disperse rodent infestations in confined spaces such as suspended ceilings, attics, floating floors, cellars, ducting, electrical cupboards, floor panels, and food areas.

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